Agriculture and Natural Resources  Arts, Media, and Entertainment 

 Building, Trades and Construction  Education, Child Development, and Family Services 

 Finance and Business  Health Science and Medical Technology 

 Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation  Information Technology 

 Manufacturing and Product Development   Marketing, Sales, and Service  Public Service 



 Agriculture and Natural Resources

Ag Mechanics II
Farm Mechanics
Landscape Design, Installation & Maintenance
Veterinary Science

 Arts, Media, and Entertainment

Desktop Publishing
Staging & Theater Technology II

 Building, Trades and Construction

Advanced Woodworking
Construction & Building Tech
General Contracting

 Education, Child Development, and Family Services

Careers with Children II (360 hours)
Career with Children III (540 hours)

 Finance and Business

Community Office Occupations
Computer Applications

 Health Science and Medical Technology

Dental Assistant
Introduciton to Health
Medical Office Assistant
Medical Office Occupations
Medical Terminology
Nursing Assistant (290 hours)
Nursing Assistant (360 hours)
Nursing Assistant (540 hours)
Pharmacy Technician

 Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation

Culinary Arts I
Culinary Arts II
Food Technology I
Food Technology II

 Information Technology

Computer Repair (150 hours)
Computer Repair (180 hours)
Introduction to Computerized Office Systems
Computerized Office Systems

 Manufacturing and Product Development

2D Animation Animate Storyboard Pro
2D Animation with Toon Boom Studio
Ag Fabrication/Welding
Computer Design & Animation
Welding - Brawley
Welding - Calipatria

 Marketing, Sales, and Service

Retail Trades

 Public Service

Corrections Academy
Fire Science
Law Enforcement
Law Enforcement I

Law Enforcement II


Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair
Automotive Technology I
Automotive Technology II






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