Rising Stars

Rising Stars


Project Description: 

Rising Stars is a new Prevention Program under the Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) component with Imperial County Behavioral Health Services (ICBHS) that will provide services to at least 225 school-aged (K-12) who are identified as current foster children/youth enrolled in local school districts. The goal of this program is to reduce the risk factors for mental health illness and enhance the protective factors of the participating foster students. 

Description of Services:

Rising Stars program staff will provide preventive services such as social-emotional learning activities, leadership development, self-esteem enhancement, Developmental Assets workshops, team-building activities, mentoring, academic enhancement, enrichment activities, educational field trips, college-prep workshops, student skills workshops, and STEAM workshops. All strategies utilized by Rising Stars will be culturally competent and linguistically appropriate for the targeted population. 

Program Goals:

Goal 1: Project RS will serve at least 225 school-age students (K-12) who are identified as current foster care students residing in Imperial County. 

Goal 2: RS staff will collect relevant demographic data of participating students to meet PEI regulations.

Goal 3: All data gathered will be presented in the public accountability reports of this Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) program. 

Goal 4: RS staff will collect pre-screening data and post data from the following outcome measurement tools: 

  • ACE Questionnaire (will only be provided once at admission)
  • Y-PSC 25 and Care Giver PSC-35
  • Child and Youth Resilience Measure 
  • Hope Index Results
  • Developmental Assets Profile survey
  • TABE Assessment for students enrolled in academic services 

Goal 5: Improve the self-esteem, sense of hope, and resiliency of participating foster care students to avoid mental health illness. 

Goal 6: Enhance the social-emotional competencies, developmental assets, and other protective factors to reduce negative outcomes for the participating foster care students. 

Goal 7: Provide positive guidance and mentoring services to participating foster care students. 

Goal 8: Improve the study skills, basic skills competencies, and college preparation of targeted students to enhance their educational outcomes and prepare them for higher education. 

Eligibility/Targeted Participants:

Rising Stars targets school-aged foster youth ages 5 to 18.


Imperial County Behavioral Health Services (ICBHS)

Length of Funding:

This program is funded for three years.

Contact Information:

Yessenia Partida
Program Manager
701 N. La Brucherie Rd.
El Centro, CA 92243
Phone: (760) 482-2630
Email: ypartida@ivrop.org
Website: www.ivropace.com                                                                                          

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