Project Description

ReadyforLIFE will provide comprehensive services that help youth build healthy relationship skills, while supporting positive socioemotional development and promoting successful transitions to young adulthood. The project will provide Life Coaching services that support students in meeting their education, career pathway, and life goals. Services include incentives for participating in activities, supportive services, domestic violence prevention, guidance and referrals to community-based services. 

Description of Services

Offered services include, Life coaching services, educational workshops and career advancement services.

  • All students will receive 16 hours of primary curriculum workshops, which combine healthy marriage/healthy relationship curriculum; resiliency development, coping with childhood trauma, toxic stress, and anxiety; and budgeting and financial literacy. Additional workshops include life skills through "Developmental Assets” that all students need to become successful, productive, and thriving youth and young adults, and child development workshops for expecting or parenting teens or those interested in Early Childhood Development.
  • Career advancement services include career readiness (application, resumes, interview, and professional skill development); work-based learning (job shadowing, employer presentations, industry tours, and employer-based mentoring); and 160 hours of paid work experience.
  • Life Coaching services include a designated life coach where you will attend individual or group sessions that will provide youth with the necessary tools to help them overcome life challenges.

Project Goals

ReadyforLIFE will serve 480 high-school aged youth (9th-12th grade). ReadyforLIFE’s critical elements that are essential for successful transition to adulthood through the provision of program activities: Education in High Schools – Education in high schools on the value of relationship skills, life skills and budgeting. Relationship Education and life coaching programs that may include life skills, parenting skills, financial management, conflict resolution, and job and career advancement.   

Eligibility/Targeted Participants  

Eligible High School Aged Students (14-18 years of age, 9th-12th grade) that include: 

  • Current or former foster
  • justice involved
  • Runaways
  • homeless 
  • low income
  • Migrant
  • at risk of dropping out of school
  • expecting or parenting teens
  • students attending Title 1 schools and alternative high schools.


Office of Family Assistance, HMRF( Healthy Marriage and  Responsible Fatherhood Program)

Length of Funding

5 Year Grant 

Contact Information

Chantelle Gerardo 
Program Manager
701 N. La Brucherie Rd. 
El Centro, CA 92243
Phone: (760) 482-2636


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