Organizational Goals

Organizational Goals

IVROP Organizational Goals: July 1, 2022 through December 31, 2025

1. Transform lives by empowering and supporting participant through improved learning, personal, career and academic achievements, to obtain certificate and degree completions, as well as excel in workforce competencies.

2. Strengthen and stabilize families and individuals by offering comprehensive services that help improve the overall quality of life in the Imperial Valley.

3. Ensure effective IVROP collaborative relationships with Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) districts, stakeholders as well as community partners through ongoing and transparent communication.

4. Improve institutional accountability and program effectiveness by establishing a comprehensive evaluation process and accreditation.

5. Create and test an employee attraction and retention strategy includes strategic professional development opportunities for both staff and managers.

6. Reinforce and support a culture of inclusiveness and diversity to promote lifelong learning, developmental assets, and social justice.

7. Foster and advocate environmental stewardship efforts by implementing sustainable practices and education throughout our projects and in our community.

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