IV Mobile Career Exploration

IV Mobile Career Exploration





Project Description

The Imperial Valley Regional Mobile Career Exploration Lab provides school aged youth a unique experience to explore and learn about careers in STEM and Robotics. The vision is to provide early outreach, real-world career exploration, career assessment, professional skill development, and work-based learning experiences.

IVROP’s Regional Mobile Career Exploration Project will help empower youth throughout the community to take charge of their career and educational pathways by exposing them to many different types of health and/or STEM related careers, which make up more than half of the fastest projected growing occupations.

Project Goal

The main goal for this project is to provide students of the Imperial County career exploration opportunities that will lead to improved career awareness and successful job placements for these students later in life.


Targeted Population

The program will target 1,500 students residing in high poverty communities as established by free/reduced lunch rates (90% and above). 13 schools will be targeted during the first year of implementation.


Project Outcomes

  • To provide 1,500 school-aged children of Imperial County’s neediest schools with career exploration opportunities per year.
  • To provide services to at least 13 targeted Imperial County schools.
  • To increase children’s interest in a career in health or robotics
  • To enhance student motivation to pursue and attain a career through career technical education or postsecondary education
  • To sustain the Regional Mobile Career Exploration Lab beyond grant funding


Funding for this project was made possible through support of Innercare, Imperial Valley ROP Community Foundation, and Strong Workforce funding.


Length of Funding

Imperial Valley Regional Occupational Program was awarded $160,000, on behalf of Innercare Urban Research Park California Departments of Education grant as well as an additional $35,000 donated by the Imperial Valley ROP Community Foundation, and $50,000 through Strong Workforce funding.


Contact Info


Alyssa Tirado
Project Specialist 
687 State Street
El Centro, CA 92243
(760) 482-3123




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