Common Assessments

Common Assessments

As part of IVROP's commitment to providing quality career and educational training to all of their students, common rubrics for use with the application and resume portions of the employability units will be implemented as of 2012-2013 school year. The goal of the rubrics provided is to be able to have a common tool to evaluate a student's resume and application and, as such,  a common way to talk about the strengths/areas for growth in student's work across all IVROP courses. These rubrics emphasize correct grammar, punctuation, formatting and presentation. The student will understand the importance of good academic skills, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. All of these components are necessary to enter the job market locally and globally.


The application rubric is divided into 9 categories which may be applied to a generic job application (provided on line through IVROP) or a specific application of your choice.


Application Rubric Form

Collection Form

Application Templates

Generic Application - 1 page                       Generic Application - 2 page

Sample 1                     Sample 2                     Sample 3                   Sample 4


Computer Applications

Applications on Paper


The resume rubric is divided into 8 categories. Teachers have the option of using the resume style of their choice as long as the 8 categories are included


Resume Rubric Form

Collection Form

Resume Templates: Sample 1        What can I say?       What can I use?

Oral Presentation Assignment

The presentation is an assignment to be evaluated in every IVROP course. The subject matter of the presentation is based on knowledge specific to each course and given at the discretion of the instructor.

Assignment 1             Assignment 2

Oral Presentation Rubric Form

Collection Form

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