Employee Directory

Employee Directory

Name Title Department Telephone Email
Aguirre, Gabriel Project Coordinator WORK-ESE/Thrive 335-3493 gaguirre@ivrop.org
Aguirre, Gissel Adult Development Specialist  WORK-ESE 352-2959 aguirreg@ivrop.org
Anaya, Abraham Youth Development Specialist ACE 337-5177 aanaya@ivrop.org
Barraza, Isabel Clerk Typist II Administration 482-2601 ibarraza@ivrop.org
Briseno, Ilse Clerk Typist III Connect/WIOA 482-2606 ibriseno@ivrop.org
Burquist, Debbie Career Specialist  IVROP/CTE 562-5393 dburquist@cuhsd.net
Calderon, Fernando Project Specialist Rise 482-2622 fcalderon@ivrop.org
Campos, Juan Coordinator of Educational Services IVROP/CTE 482-2625 jcampos@ivrop.org
Castillo, Natalie Adult Development Specialist WORK-ESE 337-7476 ncastillo@ivrop.org
Cuevas, Vivian Career Specialist Prop 47 482-2649 vcuevas@ivrop.org
De la Torre, Luis Director of Business & Human Services IVROP/CTE 482-2611 ltorre@ivrop.org
Diaz, Estella Case Manager II ACE 337-5081 ediaz@ivrop.org
Dorantes, Marisabel Career Specialist CTE/IVROP   mdorantes@ivrop.org
Esquivel, Jerad Instructor IVROP/CTE    
Figueroa, Yenessa Adult Development Specialist Thrive/MRT 336-4045 yfigueroa@ivrop.org
Flores-Carrillo, Reyna Adult Development Specialist WORK-ESE 337-6838 rcarrillo@ivrop.org
Gallardo, Yessenia Career Specialist IVROP/CTE 675-0791 ygallardo@ivrop.org
Garcia, Cynthia Career Specialist IVROP/CTE 879-6019 cgarcia@ivrop.org
Garcia, Lupe Program Assistant IVROP/CTE 482-2616 lgarcia@ivrop.org
Geraldo, Karla Adult Development Specialist STAR 312-6622 kgeraldo@ivrop.org
Gonzales, Adrian Program Manager Exito III/Connect/WIOA 482-2640 agonzales@ivrop.org
Gonzalez, Armando Truck Driving Instructor WIA    
Gonzalez, Brenda Instructor ALTO-GED   bgonzalez@ivrop.org
Jimenez, Christie Youth Development Specialist Connect 482-2618 cjimenez@ivrop.org
Jimenez, Irma Clerk Typist II/III Admin/Exito 482-2618 ijimenez@ivrop.org
Jimenez, Mario Adult Development Specialist Thrive 337-6828 mjimenez@ivrop.org
Keenan, Doug Instructor ALTO-GED   dkeenan@ivrop.org
Landin, Stefany Clerk Typist I ACE 337-3490 slandin@ivrop.org
Lopez, Linda V.  Project Specialist  CA Learning Communities for School Success Program 482-2645 lvalenzuela@ivrop.org
Lopez, Raquel School-to-Career Technician Workability 312-6593 rlopez@ivrop.org
Macias, B. Stephanie Intern Counselor Facilitator Thrive 336-4045 sgonzalez@ivrop.org
Macias, Guillermo Adult Development Specialist STAR 312-6470 gmacias@ivrop.org
Macias, Mirtha Adult Development Specialist WORK-ESE 337-6828 mmacias@ivrop.org
Morales, Gloria Tutor Connect 619-251-1066 gmorales@ivrop.org
Morales Avila, Faviola Career Specialist CTE/IVROP   fmorales@ivrop.org
Nieblas Baez, Paloma Y. Youth Development Specialist Exito III 482-2612 pnieblas@ivrop.org
Nigos, Dulce Parent Home Visitor Nenes 554-8192 dnigos@ivrop.org
Obergfell, Edwin Superintendent Administration 482-2600 eobergfell@ivrop.org
Pantoja, Maria Program Manager




312-6152 mpantoja@ivrop.org
Perez, Jose Tutor Connect 482-2608 jperez@ivrop.org
Ramirez, Adrian Adult/Youth Development Specialist STAR 312-6470 aramirez@ivrop.org
Ramirez, Veronica Parent Home Visitor NENES 312-6500 Cell: 540-4291 vramirez@ivrop.org
Ramirez, Wendy Office Manager Administration 482-2644 wramirez@ivrop.org
Reyes Valencia, Maritza Adult Development Specialist WORK-ESE 337-7476 mreyes@ivrop.org
Robledo, Patricia Payroll/Account Clerk Administration 482-2613 probledo@ivrop.org
Rodriguez, Celeste Career Specialist Prop 47 482-2629 crodriguez@ivrop.org
Rodriguez, Viridiana Youth Development Specialist Connect 482-2632 vrodriguez@ivrop.org
Romero, Fernando Clerk Typist III Administration 482-2615 fromero@ivrop.org
Rosales, Juanita Parent Home Visitor NENES 312-6500/Cell: 554-6628 jrosales@ivrop.org
Rubalcava, Inez Clerk Typist III WORK-ESE 482-2666 irubalcava@ivrop.org
Saldana, Reyna Instructor WORK-ESE/WIA   rsaldana@ivrop.org
Saldivar, Gloria Case Manager WORK-ESE 336-3997 gsaldivar@ivrop.org
Sanchez, Daisy Career Specialist IVROP/CTE   dsanchez@ivrop.org
Sanchez, Elizabeth Youth Development Specialist Exito 482-2609 esanchez@ivrop.org
Sandoval, Daniel Clerk Typist II STAR 312-6470 dsandoval@ivrop.org
Sandoval, Mabel Parent Home Visitor NENES 312-6500/Cell: 595-3138 msandoval@ivrop.org
Sierra, Sandy Youth Development Specialist Connect 618-9433 ssierra@ivrop.org
Sutter, Jennifer  Career Specialist CCPT 482-2626 jsutter@ivrop.org
Swanegan, Edward Adult Development Specialist WORK-ESE 337-7710 eswanegan@ivrop.org
Tirado, Lucerito  Youth Advocate  ACE  337-3490 ltirado@ivrop.org
Torales, Emmanuel Career Specialist  IVROP/CTE 442-456-1163



Torres, Luis Program Manager II ACE 337-5079 ltorres@ivrop.org
Valenzuela, Bertha Parent Home Visitor NENES 312-6500 bvalenzuela@ivrop.org
Valenzuela, Crystal C. Instructor IVROP/CTE 455-9096 ccortez@ivrop.org
Valenzuela, Yosei Youth Development Specialist Connect 344-7701 yvalenzuela@ivrop.org
Vallejo, Guillermo Adult Development Specialist WIOA 482-2633 gvallejo@ivrop.org
Zamora, Roxine A. Instructor IVROP/CTE   rzamora@ivrop.org

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