2019-2020 Alumni

2019-2020 Alumni

                            2019-2020 DISTINGUISHED ALUMNI AWARD

Nancy Ramos Quesada RN, BSN, PHN was a former IVROP student in 2006. Nurse Nancy completed the Imperial Valley ROP Certified Nursing Program. The program was taught by Mrs. Reyna Saldaña, who empowered her students, and pushed and motivated Nancy “to go all the way” and become a registered nurse. Nancy is appreciative to Mrs. Saldaña for how much she helped her to believe in herself. The IVROP CNA program was a life changing experience for Nancy, who was going through a divorce and had two young children at the time. Nancy thanks God for making this pathway available to her family. 

Nancy was also enrolled in Imperial Valley ROP’s RN Mentorship Program. The program provided additional support, classroom training which included lecture on theory, skills and clinical mentoring on Nancy’s pathway to becoming a registered nurse. The program provided tutoring and guidance and prepared Nancy for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX exam), which determines if an individual is safe to begin practice as an entry-level nurse. In 2013, Nurse Nancy received her Registered Nurse license through the California Board of Registered Nursing. IVROP helped Nurse Nancy find the career she was meant for. 
Nurse Nancy currently works for AccentCare. Working in home health has allowed her to be a part of the community in a different way than working in a hospital. Nancy has been in the patient care field for 13 years and continues in her career as a Clinical Supervisor. She has learned to help patients and supports the teaching of nurses in her team to provide the best patient care possible. She is passionate about her work and enjoys a healthy life and family balance. Nancy supports her son with basketball and loves to see him play, and has encouraged her daughter to join ballet and loves being there for her. She is thankful for the time she spends with her family. Nancy is especially thankful to her children and her husband for all their support.

Nancy is an excellent “graduate” of IVROP that continues to contribute and support her community through her chosen career path by helping to heal and care for patients. Nancy exemplifies IVROP’s core values through hard work and by caring for her family and community. It is with great honor that IVROP presents Nancy Ramos Quesada RN, BSN, PHN with the 2020 Distinguished Alumni Award.


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